Read what some of our customers have to say about working with Tourza

"Since 2005, I've relied on their services for my business and have never had a reason to switch. The exceptional quality and unparalleled support are simply unmatched."
Rob Savino
C.J. Victoria Fishing Charters
"Thanks to Tourza, the revamped site truly captures our brand's essence. Customers are raving about its user-friendliness, leading to heightened engagement and a surge in loyalty."
Todd Monahan
Sunkiss Ballooning
"When we approached Tourza with our vision for expanding into the Miami residential market, we knew the challenges would be manifold. But from day one, the team showcased not just their expertise, but an unwavering commitment to bringing our vision to life. Every hurdle was met with innovative solutions, and their comprehensive strategy took into account even the minutest of details. The end result? A brand identity that resonates and a user-centric website that’s been instrumental in driving leads.Their work not only placed us at the forefront in a competitive market but surpassed our expectations in ways we hadn’t imagined. Partnering with Tourza was one of the best business decisions we’ve made."
Rafael A. Villamizar
Vertical Strategies Real Estate
"I've been working with Kevin for over 14 years, and since then, I never have to worry about my marketing. Thanks to his expertise, my business consistently ranks at the top of the search engine results pages and Google Maps. It's the best ROI I've ever made."
Tom Kane
T-Kat Fishing Charters
"Hello, I’m Joby Cefalu, the owner of Mile High Fishing Charters in South Lake Tahoe, California. I was among the pioneers in my area and the country to use the World Wide Web to promote my business. Back in the late 1990s, I secured domain names for my region and settled on fishtahoe.com as my primary web address. With a background in marketing from college, I thought I had everything it took to outshine the competition. Little did I know, that’s when I met Kevin Martin.

Kevin, as you’ll soon learn, is not only exceptional in his field but also a reliable and fantastic collaborator. Over the past 25+ years, I’ve realized that the world of website management, hosting, and SEO services, among other marketing aspects, has become incredibly complex. Nowadays, I receive around 10-15 calls each week from various services promising to revolutionize my SEO, site building, hosting, and more. At one point, I decided to part ways with Kevin, thinking it would be beneficial for my company. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I returned, humbly asking for his help, and Kevin was right there to lift me up.

I can personally vouch for the fact that in this intricate world of SEO and website management, Kevin has played a pivotal role in ensuring that I have more business than I can handle. While I work diligently to retain my customers, Kevin has helped me discover them. To this day, he remains as competitive with my SEO as I am as a Fishing Guide. He consistently strives to secure and maintain the #1 position for all relevant search terms related to my business.

Let’s face it, on a much-needed day off, I grab my iPad, type in a search term like “Lake Tahoe Fishing Charter,” and expect to see my site in the top position, only to find it buried on page 3. That’s when Kevin steps in, and three days later, without a call or email from me, I’m back at #1. That’s why, if anyone (except my direct competition, of course) asks me where to go for website help, there’s only one person I recommend: Kevin Martin.

Kevin, thank you for not only helping me and my company be the best we can be but also for the exceptional personal service over the years. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was your only customer.

Their work not only placed us at the forefront in a competitive market but surpassed our expectations in ways we hadn’t imagined. Partnering with Tourza was one of the best business decisions we’ve made."
Joby Cefalu
Mile High Fishing Charters
"A couple months ago the companies I work for CR Lawn Service and Hurst Tree Service decided to revamp our marking.

We started with a local friend, Kim, that had the knowledge and experience to help us transition to a more modern marketing outreach. One of the first suggestions was to update our websites. We currently have a local company make and host our website. The sites functioned but looked dated and were not Mobile friendly. Kim has previously used Kevin with Six One Media and suggested we give them the business for a remodel.

Kevin took immediate action, gave us the upfront cost and stuck to the price. Communication was through email and very prompt. There was honestly very little he needed from us, Kevin ran with it and provided a great website and within a couple of weeks it was up and running. He always gave us early access to approve all changes before they went live. I was most impressed by the verbiage used in descriptions for the service we offered. For Kevin to not be in the landscape business he came up with some great descriptions that were professional and thought out.

Kevin took care of everything from confirming information, getting pictures uploaded from multiple resources we sent him and getting the domain names from our current host transferred over. We will certainly use Six One Media for all future website needs and alway give them as a referral to anyone in need of getting a website built. We just can’t say enough about how easy Kevin is to work with."
Jake Scott
CR Lawn Service Inc
"I recently moved across the state and wanted to establish a hot air balloon business in my new area. With over 40 years of experience as a pilot, I thought launching my business would be straightforward, so I decided to take on the challenge myself.

I signed up with Wix after seeing their commercials, thinking it would be easy. However, I quickly realized that getting my business online was far more complex than I had anticipated, and I found myself at a loss.A friend of mine, another pilot, had been using Kevin's services for years and highly recommended that I give him a call. It was the best decision I made. Kevin's expertise and guidance helped me navigate the complexities of setting up an online presence. Thanks to his support, my hot air balloon business is now thriving."
Daniel Claudon
Butler Ballooning
"Although I knew I needed an online component for my business, I was surprised at how easy it was to get started with Tourza. Now, my clients constantly thank me for having a site that answers their questions and provides them with the resources they need to make informed treatment decisions. Nothing has been better for the growth of my business. Tourza has helped me establish an amazing reputation and gain more local attention!"
Alberto Gallerani M.D.
The Medici Institute
"Since the launch of our new eCommerce site, we've seen a significant uptick in sales and customer engagement. The user experience is seamless and has exceeded all expectations."
Kim Allegra
Contraband Beauty CBD
"Tourza's outstanding support has been invaluable for our dual-business model. Their versatile solutions cater to our unique needs, driving efficiency and success in both of our ventures."
Vann Cochran
SeaGlass Charters